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High Speed Steel, Bi-Metal Hole Saws
1. M3/M42 High Speed Bi-metal Edge Welded to Alloy Steel Back for Heavy Duty Cutting;
2. 4/6 variable Tooth;
3. Cutting Safely and Efficiently,the Best Way to Cut Large Holes, Clearing the Chips in Touch Materials;
4. Cutting Depth to 1-1/2"(38mm) and 1-7/8"(47mm);
5. Diameters from 9/16" -- 8-17/64" (14-210mm);
6. Can be used in Portable Electric or Pneumatic Tools, Vertical Drill Machines,Lathe,Boring/Milling Machines and Other Machine Tools;
7. Cuts Through Stainless Steel and Other Materials Pipe,Nail-Embedded wood, Hard Wood Floors,Plywood and Plastics;
8. All the specifications for arbored hole saws are the same as hole saws.There is an extra charge for the pilots;
Hole saw

Using a hole saw is the fastest and easiest way to create a hole up to several inches in diameter. A hole saw has three parts: an arbor that attaches to a standard drill, a pilot bit, and the hole saw itself. The saw will fit into almost any drill but one that will accommodate a 3/8" shaft is best.
Hole saw drilling
A common problem when using a hole saw is that it tends to tear out as the saw exits on the opposite side. To prevent this from happening, begin drilling from the first side as usual, but before the saw goes all the way through, go around and finish the hole from the other side. The result is a clean hole on both sides.
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